How to Create your Own Indoor Succulent Garden


Having beautiful houseplants is a perfect way to bring a little bit of nature and greenery into your home. If you’ve struggled to keep houseplants healthy and thriving in the past, don’t worry, succulents are low maintenance and require minimal attention once potted.

You will need:

A wide bowl

Cacti & Succulent potting mix (or you can make your own by mixing soil with sand and perlite)

A variety of succulent plants



Crystals or decorative stones (optional)

img_86581. Firstly, fill your chosen bowl, dish or pot with approximately 1 – 2 inches of gravel. This will provide sufficient drainage in case of accidental over watering.


2. Next, cover the gravel with soil. I have used Westlands Cacti & Succulent potting mix which is available in most garden or DIY stores. It is also fine to use one-part soil mixed with one-part sand and one-part perlite.


3. Arrange your succulents in the bowl until you are happy with your arrangement. Then, make shallow holes in the soil ready for planting the succulent plants.


4. Gently break up the roots of the succulents slightly to promote new root growth, this will help the plant develop a strong root system. Place your plants in the previously made holes and cover the roots with soil. Remember to leave a small gap below the top of the bowl to cover with a thin layer of gravel or crystals for insulation.


5. Sparingly water your new succulent garden and place in an area of your home with lots of light.


♡ Blessed be

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