Beginner Witches Herb Set- 12 Herbs & Salts

Beginner Witches Herb Set- 12 Herbs & Salts

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A set of 12 herbs & salts for your magickal workings, spells, blessings, and rituals.

Each bag measures 3” x 3.25” and each herb has either been grown, harvested, and dried by myself from my own magickal elemental garden or ethically sourced to ensure maximum magickal potential.

Chamomile – Purification, Healing and Luck
Rose Petals - Love, Intuition Romance, and Luck
Nettle – Protection, Healing, Lust and Strength
Lavender – Useful for Love, Friendship, Harmony or Reconciliation spells.
Dead Sea Salt - Useful for casting a circle, Protection, Cleansing and Purification.
Marigold– Protection, Prophetic Dreams, Justice, Attraction and Confidence.
Star Anise – Luck, Clairvoyance, Dream work, Protection and Meditation.
Mugwort – Lucid Dreaming, Prophetic Dreams, Divination, Protection and Strength.
Bay Leaves - Attracting Money, Success and Purification.
Juniper Berries -Protection, love, health, exorcism, anti-theft.
St. John's Wort – happiness, attracts love, banish demons and spirits.
Pink Salt - A purifying and protective mineral that acts to amplify the properties of any other chosen herb, it attracts positive energy too!

Herbs are sold for spell uses only. Not ingestion.

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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