Calming Spell Bag

Calming Spell Bag

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This little Calming Spell Bag helps to defend against anxiety and negative thoughts. Its carefully chosen ingredients include:

💜Lavender - Stress relief, sleep, anti-anxiety, meditation, love, peace and harmony.

💛Chamomile - Sleep, stress relief, love, beauty, friendship and luck.

💚Bay leaf - Protection, wish fulfilment and purification.

💗Heather - Associated with the feminine energies and Venus, protection and luck.

💖Pink salt - To amplify the properties of each herb, it attracts positive energy too!

💜Amethyst - Balance and intuition. (each bag contains 2 small Amethyst stones).

A silver tone pentacle is attached for grounding energy and also a little bell to ward off any negativity.
Bag measures approximately 10 cm x 10 cm.

The most important and necessary asset to this magick spell bag is YOU! Its your energy and focused intent that causes the changes you desire in the material world.

****Not intended to be used in place of an informed medical opinion. It’s meant to be an aid in lessening the impact of your anxiety, and shouldn’t replace medical advice that you’ve been given.*****

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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