Love Spell Bottle

Love Spell Bottle

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This Spell Bottle is for those who seek more love, self-love, friendship, romance, or harmony in their lives.

Spell bottles have been used in folk magick and many other traditions to contain and seal a spell to prevent it from escaping before the spell has had a chance to be completed. Spell bottles act as a visual reminder to stay focused on your intent and can be taken with you anywhere you like. Some put their bottles near their doorstep, tucked into a sacred tree, on a mantle in the home, or on their bedside table, it’s really up to you!

This spell bottle has firstly been cleansed of all negative and stagnant energy. Each herb that is carefully placed inside this Spell bottle has either been grown, harvested, and dried by myself from my own magickal elemental garden or ethically sourced to ensure maximum magickal potential.

This Spell Bottle is filled with magickal ingredients to attract love, romance and long-lasting relationships. Each carefully chosen ingredient possesses its own magickal property:

Pink Salt – A purifying and protective mineral that acts to amplify the properties of each other chosen herb, it attracts positive energy too!

Rose Petals – For attracting passion, romance, and affection.

Chamomile – For calming stressful situations and restoring balance and harmony after a time of heartbreak or upset.

Lavender – For protection and attracting love and passion.

Bay Leaves - To protect and attract prosperity.

Bottle size approximately: 12cm x 12cm

This beautiful Spell Bottle has been sealed with pink wax to keep the magickal intent inside.

As with all Magickal intent, the most important and necessary asset to any magickal spell is YOU! It’s your energy and focused intent (“mission statement”) that causes the changes you desire in the material world. Hold the spell bottle in your hands and visualise what you desire in your mind’s eye to attune and amplify its magick.

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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