Prosperity Spell Bag

Prosperity Spell Bag

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This Prosperity Spell Bag contains carefully chosen herbs that help to attract wealth, luck, and good fortune:

Cloves - Prosperity and abundance

Cardamom - Good fortune

Mint - Money and wealth

Star Anise - Luck 

Cinnamon - Success

Amazonite - Hope, Success and Abundance. (Amazonite helps to dissipate energy blockages that prevent you from receiving your good and helps reinforce leadership qualities and calms the mind.  (each bag contains 1 small Amazonite stone).

A silver tone pentacle is attached for grounding energy and also a little bell to ward off any negativity.

Bag measures approximately 10 cm x 10 cm.

The most important and necessary asset to this magick spell bag is YOU! Its your energy and focused intent that causes the changes you desire in the material world.