Tigers Eye Dowsing Pendulum

Tigers Eye Dowsing Pendulum

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Tigers Eye, Spinning Quartz Merkaba Crystal Dowsing Pendulum

Access divine guidance by asking questions with this beautiful Tigers Eye Dowsing Pendulum, with a spinning quartz merkaba crystal in the middle.

Tigers Eye is a useful stone to help focus the mind and promote mental clarity, which is perfect for this type of divination.

The pendulum measures approximately 26 cm including the chain.

The pendulum itself measures approximately 7cm.

Your pendulum will be sent gift wrapped in an organza pouch, with instructions on how to use it.

(Natural crystals are formed over millions of years and therefore may have some natural imperfections.)

I stock a range of pendulum designs in my shop, as well as other magickal supplies for altars, spells, blessings, and rituals.

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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