Moon Water Bottle

Moon Water Bottle

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Collect and charge your magical moon water in this beautiful vintage glass bottle with a glass stopper.

Bottle measures approximately 19 cm x 9cm.

What is Moon water?

Water that has been charged under moon light, often it’s the full moon but it can be done during other moon phases too. You can also use this bottle to charge solar, rain, river, storm, snow, and sea water.


How to make Moon Water?

Fill this bottle with water and leave it either outside or on the windowsill under the full moon (or moon phase of choice) and retrieve it just before sunrise.


What Can I Use Moon Water For?

🌕Cleansing, anointing and charging tools and crystals (just make sure that your crystals can be submerged in water)
🌕Add to spells for extra potency
🌕Use it in cooking, baking
🌕Drink it in teas or smoothies
🌕Add to a cleansing ritual bath
🌕Mix moon water with some fresh rosemary to make a cleansing spray for your home, altar or anywhere that might need protection. 🌿
🌕Leave full moon water as an offering to your deities
🌕Water your plants
🌕Use it for scrying
🌕Use for painting in your book of shadows

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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