Witch Bells - Turquoise

Witch Bells - Turquoise

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Handmade Witches Bells – made from bronze tone chain. Turquoise chips and black hemp cord.

A protective and lucky charm to hang anywhere that needs a positive energetic boost. Traditionally bells are hung from door handles to protect the home, the gentle jingle repels evil spirits and negative energies and leaves a positive and cleansing energy in its place. It is also believed that the bells grant wishes and draw prosperity into the home.

Skeleton keys are used as amulets and talismans all over the world and the three keys are said to unlock the secrets to wisdom, life and love, whilst also symbolizing the opening of doors to a brighter and more successful future and opening doors of opportunity.

These Witch Bells have the added benefit of beautiful Turquoise chips. Turquoise is a purification stone that acts to dispel negative energies and protects you against pollutants or negative outside influences.

These Bells would make a perfect gift for anyone who needs a little positive pick-me-up, new homeowners or for anyone looking to overcome blockages in their lives. I have a selection of different styles available in my shop.

Size: approximately 20 cm.
Colour: Bronze tone.

♡ Blessed Be ♡

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